Home improvement is usually considered an expensive endeavor that requires lots of time and lots of money, but what if we told you that it can be done with half the money you think should be invested and it will still have amazing results. On Point Remodeling does bathroom remodeling in Bowie and talks about this same thing. It is true that for everything you will need time and sometimes you can hire people to do the work for you, but if you want to try some of these projects on your own you might as well take a look at our list on how you can improve your home in a few simple ways.

Make your entrance special

EntranceFirst thing is first when somebody is coming to visit your home the first thing that they subconsciously see is the entrance to your home. If this part is not inviting the rest of the house will lose in style points. To make your entrance more inviting you just have to add a bit more color to it and a few simple sitting places. For instance, you can paint your door a nice red, or cherry color that will complement the small black light you can install above your doors ceiling. Another great addition can be a small bench where people can sit to put on their shoes.

Plant up your garden

Most of the homes don’t spend enough love in their garden. Some install a pool and just forget that anything else can be a big boost to their esthetic. If you want to improve your garden a bit installs some plants all over the place. You can do a quick addition by buying potted plants, but if you want to take the longer and more beautiful route you can designate a spot where you can plant flowers and other garden plants.

Get a few built-in shelves


Where there is room for storage there is room for some built-in shelves. This does not necessarily mean that you should start drilling holes in your walls but you can definitely find places where you can install a few shelves that will complement the wall. Books and potted plants will look amazing on them, but they can also be used to store some blankets and other non-table material.

Get a hanging medicine cabinet for the bathroom

If you are not big on remodeling your whole bathroom, you can just make your life easier by putting a medicine cabinet behind the mirror. In fact, pair them up and store all your needed things inside the medicine cabinet such as deodorant, perfume, and toothbrushes. Freeing up space inside the bathroom will never look more elegant than with a medicine cabinet behind the mirror.

Put dimmers on your inside lights

This is a small improvement but one that will definitely be loved by anyone. Instead of placing 10 small light sources around the room just get a dimmer for your ceiling lights and watch the romantic light compliment your evenings.