Everyone has several things that they have in their home that they can’t imagine living without. Some have a huge bed, some have a big pool in the backyard, but how many of you have a Kegerator? If you are wondering what is a Kegerator, then by the end of this article you will probably want one in your home.

A Kegerator is basically a refrigerator that was converted into a beer holding and cooling unit. If you have dreamt of having a small fridge just for yourself so you can serve cold beer at any given time of the day or night, then the little Kegerator is just the thing you need.

However, you must be wondering how exactly should you build your own keg fridge? Well, don’t stress so much is actually not that hard and we will explain in a few simple steps below.

Get a small fridge

Any kind is good and the fridge does not need to be new. Just don’t be in a rush to start building as you will need more components than one refrigerator.

Conversion kit


This step will vary depending on the conversion kit that you bought, but in short, this step should have one serving tower that is made up of one or multiple faucets, a CO2 tank with an additional regulator, this will serve as the main pressure adjustment so the beer can flow effortlessly, gas and beer lines, the disconnects, tailpiece for the shank, and one or two beer kegs of the desired size.

Read the instructions

This is one of the parts where you can’t just skin over. You need to actually read all the fine details of how the cylinders and the CO2 tanks work. If you skip this you will have problems with the beer and foam later down the line.

Measure twice cut once

This is the only part that if you screw up you will need another fridge. So, make sure to measure two times where you want to make that hole where the beer lines will flow to the outside part of the fridge and cut once.

Get busy drinking

Once everything is connected as per the instructions and the holes have been made and the beer is flowing it’s time to enjoy the hard labors of making a Kegerator. Congratulations you are now officially a beer lover and a Kegerator owner.